Spettacolo, directed by Jeff Malmberg (Marwencol), explores the hidden world of the Italian Tuscan village Monticciello which still boasts a vibrant, robust life today. Integral to the on-going vitality of this medieval walled city is its yearly live theatre festival where the local villagers put on an original play confronting contemporary lives and concerns. This artistic undertaking both unites and divides the village as its inhabitants struggle to agree on all aspects of the production. Ultimately each year’s theatrical piece is an act of self expression, where the town can be said truly to play itself and where the main characters boldly express their deepest emotions, hopes and fears.  Told over the course of a year, this stunning film offers a rapturous, transcendent journey from the Italy of yesterday to  the Italy of today, with a future which is far from certain. 

Premiere: SXSW

Winner: Biografilm Audience Award and International Competition Jury Special Mention