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Black History Month: MOOZ-LUM in Theatres, NIGHT CATCHES US on DVD

Mooz-Lum will be heading into select cities February 11.  For showtimes check the film's website



Night Catches Us is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray.



Kenneth Turan Calls NIGHT CATCHES US One Of The Year's Best

Los Angeles Times critics Kenneth Turan named NIGHT CATCHES US as one of the best films of the year.  In his review he raves, "Set in a particular time and place, Philadelphia in 1976, "Night Catches Us" places a gripping personal story against the backdrop of the declining years of the Black Power movement, and it doesn't hesitate to investigate the ambivalent legacy of that still controversial political moment."


NIGHT CATCHES US Opens to Rave Reviews

In theaters in select cites and On Demand now.  Check the film's website for show times.

Think "Casablanca," with bigger hair and a Philly soul soundtrack... [A] haunting and soulful elegy to a bygone urban America´╗┐. - Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

Tanya Hamilton's first feature as a director, is something to cherish... Hamilton manifests her vision of what politics can do to individual thinking with subtlety and sophistication. Remember her name. She's a genuine find. - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“Night Catches Us,” a politically sophisticated and ethically serious film, makes no big speeches or obvious points. Though it touches deep reservoirs of anger, it is impelled more by sorrow and the desire for wisdom. - A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Writer-director Tanya Hamilton’s striking debut is the rare recent American-independent film that goes beyond the private dramas of its protagonists, imagining them as players in broader historical moments. - Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice


MARWENCOL and NIGHT CATCHES US Nominated for Spirit Awards

Marwencol is nominated for Best Documentary and the Aveeno® Truer Than Fiction Award. Night Catches Us is nominated for First Feature Film for director Tanya Hamilton.


LEGACY, NIGHT CATCHES US, and MARWENCOL at the Stockholm Film Festival


This provocative, violent thriller stars Idris Elba ("The Wire") as a secret agent, who returns home to Brooklyn after a set of mysterious circumstances botches his mission in Eastern Europe. He holes himself in a dingy hotel, only to find that he is haunted by his demons in more ways than one. Director Thomas Ikimi bucks convention in this exciting psychological mouse trap of mystery.

November 24, 13:00        Klarabiografen
November 27, 18:00        Victoria 4
November 28, 10:30        Victoria 4



Set on the steamy streets of Philadelphia in the summer of 1976, Night Catches Us tells the story of Marcus (Anthony Mackie), an ex-black panther who returns home to confront his past.  But when he confronts Patricia (Kerry Washington), who has tried to move on from their shared history, sparks ignite. Filled with stellar performances,  Night Catches Us is a unique view into a complex political world and heralds first time director Tanya Hamilton as a major talent.

November 25, 13:00        Victoria 4
November 27, 11:00        Bio Rio
November 28, 20:30        Victoria 4


One man’s extraordinary life is captured in this documentary film which follows photographer Mark Hogancamp, whose pictures chronicle harrowing moments from his real life played out in a 1/6th scale World War II-era town he constructed and populated with GI Joe and Barbie doll facsimiles of his friends and family.  When a New York gallery discovers his photos and seeks to set up an exhibition, Hogancamp must decide between the safety of the miniature military world he has created and the perils of the real world he had endeavored to leave behind.

November 14,  18:01        Grand 4
November 21, 15:30        Grand 4
November 23, 17:00        Victoria 2´╗┐