Narrative – 2012 – Canada – English – 91 minutes

Director: Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson

Producer: Lewin Webb

Everyday afterschool, a group of thirteen-year old friends congregate in the woods for an inventive series of war games. Using their imaginations, they transform sticks into sub-machine guns and water balloons into grenades.  This is no Disney G-rated family fun here as our heroes speak like real kids and brandish heavy artillery. Their friendships, loyalties and the tactics of their game are tested to the ultimate degree as tensions turn this afternoon’s game into the war to end all wars.  Invoking films like Stand By Me and Lord of the Flies, I Declare War is certainly a film that will provoke controversy.

I Declare War is Platoon via Bugsy Malone, a film about the horrors of war as told through a children’s imagination as they play-kill each other. – Eric Vespe, AINT IT COOL NEWS

I Declare War is an honest and thought-provoking movie that doesn’t skimp on laughs and, of course, action. – Borys Kit, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Premiere: Toronto International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest (WINNER - Audience Award)

US Distributor: Drafthouse Films