The Forgotten Games

The Forgotten Games is the true story of the rag-tag British ice hockey team at the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmish-Partenkirchen, Germany who were forced to confront their own demons and shortcomings as well as the Third Reich as they made a bid for history.
The story focuses on the struggle between the team's brilliant but troubled coach, and his difficulty integrating his fiery star player into the team.  As the British team overcomes obstacles both on and off the ice, our two leads must also confront their own personal problems:  the coach - in saving his failing marriage as he struggles to accept the death of his son;  and the firebrand player - in shedding his selfish individualism as he learns to trust  the father-figure he has never had. These tensions are set against the backdrop of the  story of  the German Jew Rudy of greatest hockey players in history whose success and popularity created an untenable situation for Nazi Officials. As the Nazis attempt to handle this “problem”, unforseen consequences ensue for all of our characters.

The Forgotten Games mixes politics and personal triumph with the drama and beauty of Olympic sport reminiscent of Chariots of Fire. Also, much like the rise-from-the-ashes successes of the underdog team in Hoosiers, the film’s dramatic conclusion depicts results no one could have imagined.

As the world became consumed by war in the years that followed, this story was lost to history, until now.


Based on true events.

Currently in-development