Blood Road

A powerful new documentary film about Rebecca Rusch,  the celebrated ultra-endurance athlete and award winning inspirational author,  popularly known as the "Endurance Queen.” In this very personal film, Rusch embarks on the extraordinary journey of a lifetime: to find closure to the disappearance of her father, a US pilot whose plane was shot down in the Vietnam War but whose body was never found. Rusch set out to cycle with a mountain bike the some 500 mile length of legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail (known colloquially as 'Blood Road') through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, to the site of where her father’s plane crashed decades ago. Hoping against hope that she may find her long lost father, Rusch endures hardships and encounters surprises she could never have imagined. Produced by Red Bull Media House, Blood Road displays all the hallmarks of the big budgeted, beautifully shot and expertly rendered documentary for which Red Bull has become well known. With a mix of archival and present day footage, this is a gripping family film that will touch audiences of all ages.